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Following are simple questions and answers to common questions about service, connectivity, error codes, and much more. 
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Troubleshooting your Connection

If you are ever having a problem getting connected to your internet service, please check the following before calling:


Check your connections:

  • Make sure that the power adapter is properly plugged into an outlet/surge protector. Note: A surge protector is highly suggested to protect your equipment from sudden power surges that could cause damage.

  • Check that the Ethernet cable is plugged into the power adapter and then from the power adapter to your router or your PC.  

  • Power cycle your Radio:

  • Unplug the power adapter from the outlet/surge protector for 15-20 seconds and plug it back in.


Other Causes of Problems:

  • Storms are likely to cause connections to be slightly interrupted.

  • Lightning and power outages at towers happen occasionally, but we make it a priority to get the problem solved as soon as possible.



  • Check all basic items first.

  • Power on?

  • All wires plugged in?

  • Reboot Router

  • Unplug antenna and plug back in and wait for a few minitues before checking connection.


Speed tests:


Still Not Working?

  • Email us at

  • or Call 260-665-2005, 260-349-1799, 260-488-6363, or 800-209-8603

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