three squares Wireless High Speed Internet
When considering the price for Internet access, many wonder if paying such a price is truly worth it. If you're looking at Internet providers and still unsure if Wireless is right for you, ask yourself the following:
  • Is my current service fast enough to access streaming music?
  • Is my current service reliable?
  • Would I use the Internet more if webpages and downloads moved at faster speeds?
  • Do I really want a home phone or cable bill?
  • Does it take an unexpected long time to receive digital photos & large email attachments over my current Internet connection?
  • Could I work from home if I had a faster connection to my information? wireless service is excellent, reliable and breathtakingly fast. Fill in the form and get started with us now.

We provide all the equipment necessary to get you online and provide warranties for the equipment in case of damage by acts of nature.**

1.0 Mbps
3.0 Mbps
6.0 Mbps
  • $100.00 Installation with no contract
  • Installation fees are non-refundable.
  • All prices on this page reflect residential rates only.
  • Installation includes mounting our equipment at the best possible location, running & securing the network cable down the outside of the building and in through a single wall penetration.
  • Custom wiring solutions are available for an additional charge.
  • For seasonal customers the 12 months can be split: 6 months on / 6 months off until 12 months are fulfilled.
  • **Dispatch charges may apply in other circumstances.